The influence of Italian culture across the world

The rich Italian culture has reached so many places all over the world. Their influence is quite evident in the arts, culture and cuisine that many people enjoy in their lives. You might not be aware of the nation’s impact on your daily life. 

Oshawa Italian Recreation Club is ready to give you an in-depth discussion about this to raise awareness to people around the globe. So how does the Italian culture influence many things in our daily lives?

Rich cuisine

Food is one of the most vital parts of the Italian culture and it has extended its influence all over the world. Its history dates back to ancient Rome, both the food and the spirit of eating that the Italians are very much known for. 

Because of the Italian diaspora, their food has reached many countries and in turn, changed how the places they migrated to viewed food. Many places all over the world enjoy their own versions of various pasta dishes, bread and even soup. You may not know it but some of your favourite dishes may have a little bit of an Italian twist to it. 

It’s safe to say that the fame of Italian cuisine has changed the overall eating experiences of people. Their food reflects the Italian culture and all of their struggles over the years. Italian food is full of passion and love which should be revered and treasured more by the people who indulge in it. 

Family values

For the majority of Italians and people linked to its culture, family is one of the most important things in life. The Italian culture survived because of their strong family values that offered the people purpose in life. Generations of Italian families have maintained their bonds with each other which made their culture more alive despite emigrating across continents. 

The world as we know it today is enjoying modern family values rooted to the Italian culture. Although there are other cultures that practice this immense devotion to the family, the Italians continue to influence places where older generations have relocated since the diaspora. 


One of the strongest religious groups in the world is the Roman Catholic. Majority of Italians all over the world are devotees of the said religion. This devotion gave them the strength to overcome adversities over years of struggle. Up until today, many Italians all over the world still practice their faith in modern times. 

Their faith roots back to the early Roman Empire where Italy played a major role. Religion became one of the strongest foundations of the culture and it still plays a big part in the lives of Italians today. In modern times, the Italian people take part in sharing their faith in places that they live in today. This keeps the religion as strong as ever and it gives the world a taste of how important faith is in living life to the fullest. 


Italians love their architecture and it shows in famous buildings such as the Leaning Tower of Piza and the Colloseum. These buildings are one of the most influential infrastructures that dominated the world. You’ll see the influence on the majority of western countries, and other places where the Italians have set foot.

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